Clinical Research

Phase I

Phase I Clinical Trials  are the fundament of a clinical drug development program.
25% of our clinical trials were Phase I trials. Since more than 30 years we design drug development programs  exactly to the needs of our clients. Our services include strategic considerations, medical  writing, , study conduct, project management, monitoring and more. Our large scientific network of connects you with opinion leaders, investigators and international experts  with a special focus on neurodegenerative diseases or other indications as needed. Throughout Central and Eastern European Countries our investigator network provides you access to your targeted patient population or special population groups. In addition we offer access to Phase I units which are able to meet your requirements. The Neuroscios specialists are familiar with regulatory procedures in Central and Eastern European Countries. As safety is the primary endpoint of a Phase I clinical trial you would like to have the strong pharmacovigilance team of NeuroScios. In addition Neuroscios is able to set up a Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) to ensure periodic medical review and ensure subject safety – and guarantees you the opinion of true experts.

Phase II-IV

Neuroscios has over 30 years of experience in drug development and 15 years of experience in the conduct of clinical trials with a strong focus on neurodegenerative diseases. This experience might make the difference between success and failure of your clinical trial.

Starting with the protocol, Neuroscios team will provide you with the necessary ingredients to prevent failure due to wrong planning, the wrong choice of clinical sites and bad study management.

A strong team of specialist in regulatory affairs throughout Europe will submit your study to IRBs or competent authorities in the countries of your choice. Neuroscios offers experienced project managers, senior CRAs, CRAs and CTAs. All CRAs have a scientific background or are nurses.

Throughout the study the Neuroscios team will support your trial trough overtaking all necessary tasks like site management, drug management, monitoring, and vendor management and will help with patient recruitment.

Data Management and Statistics

Our highly experienced statistical team have been advising clients on whole clinical development programmes in the CNS area for many years.

NeuroScios is a specialist provider of Statistical and Data Management services for clients developing treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson’s and Stroke and psychiatric diseases such as Schizophrenia and Depression.

NeuroScios has developed an extensive range of data collection tools available to clients (from EDC, digital pen, tablet/iPad to ePRO with smartphone and even voice recognition). These collection tools are all supported by a single sophisticated, but user-friendly, Clinical Data Management System CDMS ( which is accessible to all designated end users.

Together with its parteners NeuroScios offers an extensive library of key psychometric computer based tests (covering the primary cognitive domains of Attention, Episodic Memory, Working Memory and Psychomotor Speed). An extensive library of ‘digitised’ pen and paper based test forms (both Clinical/Psychometric) covering a wide range of languages is also available. Again all these are combined into a single unified DMS system.

NeuroScios and DataMagik

The ideal combination of expertise in the field of neurodegenerative disorders.

NeuroScios and Data Magik started their partnership already more than 15 years ago. Whilst NeuroScios combines knowledge in preclinical and clinical CNS drug development, Data Magik provides matching experience in specific data capture tools and statistical methods.

  • Collaboration on multiple projects

  • The companies are acting as one team

  • Seamless integration of experience

  • Innovative concepts

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